Sunday, April 24, 2011

My favorite talk at conference

This past conference was awesome, as it always is. I love listening to all the leaders of our church speak to us in such effective ways - knowing, that each word that is spoken is something that we need to hear! It's just so great. 
My favorite talk was the one by D. Todd Christoferson. He talked about trials and dealing with them and becoming better from them. He shares a story about a gardener cutting down a bush that was growing a lot, the bush gets mad at him and asks him why he would cut him down when he was growing so tall and doing so well for himself. The gardener says, "Hey, I am the gardener here and I know what I want you to be and someday when you have fruit  you will thank me for cutting you down now." I really liked this story. Of course I have always known that God has a plan for each of us, that He knows what's best for us...but I needed to be reminded of this, and this story illustrates the principle so plain and simple. Recently I have thought a lot about the things that I am going through and I always have the question, "Why?" in my head. What am I supposed to learn? Was I not doing what's right before? Why do I need to go through this? It helps me to endure and endure with a joyful attitude when I remember that the Lord is putting trials and things into our lives to shape us into who we need to be. I am so grateful for that knowledge and testimony. 
I mentioned above about having a joyful attitude as we endure our trials. Easier said than done, I know. I just recently broke up with a guy that I REALLY liked a lot. I liked him so much I smothered the crap out of him and scared him away! Ha ha! To be honest I have never been in a situation like this before, and it's super hard. I went through all sorts of emotions...confusion, frustration, impatience, anger, more confusion, anxiety, heart-break, oh and CONFUSION! In the midst of trying to sort out all these emotions, I lost my joyful attitude in life and was dealing with the trial in a numb and distant fashion. It's selfish. I am so grateful for this talk and the wake up call! We all need to deal with our trials with a joyful attitude and remember to be grateful for the priceless lessons that we are learning as we go through these trials.