Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Delayed flight...awesome

Here we are....sitting in the SLC airport waiting for our flight to take us to our death by snow and ice. Yes, we are heading to Wyoming where the high will be 10 degrees. The hiiiigh. Oh well, we will just barely miss the blizzard that is supposed to hit here in Utah that everyone is freaking out about. I'm kinda sad we'll miss it! I love storms! Would have been fun to curl up by the fire, with this new tea that I love, and the new book I just bought. But I'm going to play volleyball! Which is my passion, so I am happy and it's a fair trade off.
Sucks that we will have to miss Thanksgiving again though. We will be celebrating it in a hotel in Colorado probably. I"m grateful we get to have one at all!
Well, life is pretty rough right now. Broke up with the boyfriend a few weeks ago and I was fine at first. I guess numb is the better word. It's starting to wear off now and I'm feeling the full blown effects of it. I'm just taking it day by day. I guess that's the best way to do it. Stay busy and try not to dwell and analyze too much. I tend to think about things and feel things a lot deeper than most people. Life is good though. I'm grateful for this trial which will make me better and everything is going to work out. The Lord knows what He's doing and I just need to trust in Him.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Still easy to be grateful

The past couple of weeks have been...crappy...to say the least. School, volleyball, life..It's been really rough. But life is good. I look around me and I think of all the things I am blessed with, and no matter how hard life gets, it's still easy to be grateful. Life is good.
It's important for us to always be grateful for what we have. There's always something. Even if it's being grateful for the trials we go through that make us stronger.

Monday, November 1, 2010

the FLUUUUUU! :(

I knew it was bound to happen again, I just haven't been sick in so long I forgot what it feels like to throw up. Worst feeling EVER! Ok I'm sure there are worse feelings...but this one is up there. I hate it. This particular timing was the worst though, because we had my family birthday dinner last night. There was steak, and orange rolls, and asparagus, and ice cream pie for dessert. My favorite meal. Had to watch my family eat it and fill themselves while I empty myself over a toilet. Ugh. It was terrible. But always so good to see my family, even when I'm sick. I love my family. Oh, by the way, over half my family has had the flu also. My dad and I are home with it today - it's our turn. I hope we're the last of it. 
At least I wasn't sick for Halloween! It was so fun! Joe was a bumble bee and I was his flower. It was so cute. I'll post pictures (as soon as I figure out how to do that). We went to the dance at UVU, it was SO packed! So fun though. Before that we took his little sisters trick-or-treating. Those girls are adorable and I love them. They were troopers though, we went for a while. One house was handing out king size Symphony bars. I had Lauren (one of Joe's little sisters) go and get me one. Of course I switched her coats and had her put on my hat so she didn't look like a double treater cheater. :)
A vampire, me, and Katy Perry

looks like Katy Perry will soon be a vampire!

We hadn't dressed up at this point yet. But we're still kinda scary huh?!

trick or treat!

Bumble bee and his flower!
Now I'm at home in bed. Trying to get over this sickness. It's kinda nice to lay in bed all day though because my body has been hurting from volleyball lately. But, it's annoying because I'm an on-the-go person so it's hard to just lay here.