Sunday, March 13, 2011

A lesson learned and a great day!

I learned a really good lesson this last week! Hit me so hard and will be with me for the rest of my life. It actually came to me via a guy I have been dating (we actually broke up last night...rough...but anyway). I had wronged him in a way and instead of letting the hurt settle in, really feeling the pain of what I had done, and learning and growing from it enough to not do it again...I tried to get over it real quick and fix it and even make it seem smaller than it was! It was terrible! I didn't even realize what I was doing until this...I apologized to him for what I had done and for trying to manipulate the situation...but then a few days later I did the exact same thing to him again! So I learned nothing. and he brought that to my attention and it hit hard. When we do something wrong...we need to really let time pass, feel the pain, and learn from it. We can't just go through it as fast as we can and try to make things all better ASAP! I used to do this as a kid...I would argue with my mom and then we'd leave all mad and instead of letting time pass and my emotions cool, I would run up to her room a minute later and yell, "I"M SORRY MOM!!" in her face all angry and my intent was to make amends but...I hadn't let enough time pass and really thought about what happened. I just jumped the gun on making it better. I hope I'm making sense. It really is a good lesson. 
Then in relief society today, the teacher mentioned the story that Ukdorf gave one time about how pilots try to go through turbulence real fast when really the best way to do it is to slow down and endure it. We need to slow down in our trials and really find out what the Lord is trying to teach us. Then those trials will become stepping stones and not road blocks in our path back to Him. 
Even though the boy broke up with me last night...and i'm heart broken about it...It was a really good day today! Church was great, and then I went home and we had our family dinner and we had a lesson after wards. The lesson was on how we are each given our individual gifts that no one else has, and we have a work to do on this earth. We each picked out a name of someone else in the family and we were to say what gift that person has. It was really emotional and the spirit was really there with us today. I love my family so so SO dearly. I will never forget tonight and it has given me the motivation to be that much better and to let my light shine and keep developing and embracing those gifts and things that I have been given to keep the work moving forward! 
I challenge you all to do the same!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Christie. I've been going through some challenges recently and just trying to get through them as fast as possible. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and endure. I'm glad to see you are doing so well, you're an amazing gal. Hugs!

  2. Hey Christie, I came across your blog on someone else's and I've only read this one post but I already love your blog. I'm pretty sure this particular post can apply to everyone. So thanks for sharing. You are amazing.