Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A quote and a lesson

It's been so nice to have this 2 week Christmas break and not have any sort of responsibility or anything because I've been able to do some thinking...and think about life...not the next assignment due. It's been great. I have felt so close to the Spirit here in my beautiful home with my beautiful family. Anyway, I was playing with my phone and went through the notes section and found one of my favorite quotes written there...
          "I will give place no more to the enemy of my soul" (I can't remember who said it)
I love that quote. It's so strong and final. 
We need to not give any place in our life for Satan. A place is a form of residence, if you will, for someone to preside. If there is no place there is no where for that person to be. If there is no where for that person to be, they have no way of influencing you. No place for Satan = no influence from Satan. 
This is easier said than done...especially with the way the world is these days (scares the shizzy out of me...the world is so corrupt!). I think if we can just eliminate the things that trigger our weaknesses...just those little things ("There are no little things" -volleyball coaches) ...that will help us not give any place for Satan.
So, that's my quote.
Now for the lesson that I learned over the last few days.
It's kind of hard to explain. I learned that even when your intentions are good with someone...loving that person is always more important. I know you probably had to read that a few times...and even after that it probably doesn't quite make sense haha! What I mean to say is, Love is always the most important thing. In any case or circumstance with any person...loving that person is more important than anything else you were trying to do with that person. I've just had a few instances this week where I have tried to do something and my intentions were good...but I forsook love in order to do that thing...and I felt after wards and knew that to be wrong. Love is most important. We need to remember that when we are dealing with someone...they are a child of God and we need to love them as He would.

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