Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Awesome Dream

I have the most awesome dreams. I don't know why I was blessed with such incredible dreams and the ability to remember them so vividly, but I'm so glad I was. I love dreams. I keep telling myself I need to start a dream book...and I'm telling myself again, right now. But for now, I want to blog about last night's dream. It was by far the most random and most awesome. 
It starts of with me (as myself. I say that because i'm usually someone else in my dreams) on a magical island with the seven dwarfs. Yes...the seven dwarfs from Snow White. We take an underwater roller coaster, shaped like a dragon, to the real world. We make this journey because I had had a dream that I would find my one true love in the real world. It took some convincing...but I got the dwarfs to agree. When we got off the dragon coaster, my one true love was a hot Asian man. My hot Asian took me to a Justin Beiber concert. Justin Beiber had a twin named Jared Beiber and they both performed in their whitey tighty underwear. While in the audience watching the show...I see an ex-boyfriend sitting with his new girlfriend. I look back a couple rows from them and I see the same ex-boyfriend and his girl but they were like 20 years older. In my dream I think..."Oh dang...they used the bodpod!" Clarification: the bodpod is a machine used to measure body my dream the "bodpod" was a time traveling device. anyway...My dream self knew that if they saw each other they would die...that is, the old boy and girl and the present day boy and girl. So the rest of my dream was dedicated to me saving those guys. 
Crazy right? but so awesome. I love dreams. 
I will start the dream book, if you want a copy...let me know. :)

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